jeudi 1 décembre 2011

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Marianne Nems presents Ugly Kid Gumo, Benoit Debbane, LA2 & more @ Miami’s Fountain Art Fair

Posted: December 1st, 2011
Author: loisstavsky
Category: Art Fairs
Tags: art, Benoit Debbane, fountain art fair, la2, Marianne Nems, miami, Ugly Kid-Gumo
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I met Marianne Nems back in June at the East Village’s Dorian Grey Gallery, where she introduced me to the impassioned work of French graffiti artist, Ugly Kid Gumo. For the next three days, Marianne will be at the Fountain Art Fair, 2505 North Miami Ave. @ 25th St. exhibiting work by Ugly Kid Gumo and others. Among the images that she shared, I’m particularly intrigued by the artwork of Benoit Debbane, the Lebanese painter whose work first surfaced on the walls of Beirut in the 1990’s. Another highlight are new works by Angel Ortiz aka LA2, who recently graced New York City’s East Village with a huge mural.

"Adrenaline" by Ugly Kid Gumo

Fountain Art Fair / Basel Miami 2011

About Fountain Art Fair :
Fountain is an exhibition of avant garde artwork in New York during Armory week, Miami during Art Basel Miami Beach and Los Angeles during Pacific Standard Time weekend

with Ugly-Kid Gumo, Benoit Debbane, LA2, Tats-Cru, Lou Ros, Bizar...

Black Cocaine

remember me...

"aPKOlypse" (new exhibition)

Feat EZP (CT/ A6T) Creil timerzzzzzzz !

"Strange dayz" gumo x ezp (work in progress)